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Product Manager - Application

Exabel was founded in Oslo in 2016 based on the belief that the financial system will best serve society with fair, open and efficient markets. Exabel delivers an analytics platform for any investment professional who wants to benefit from alternative data and modern data science tools in their investment process. Ensuring that all market participants have the necessary tools to make informed investment decisions will ultimately lead to fairer and more efficient financial markets, to the best of society.

The Product Manager - Application shall have responsibility for the extent to which various end users of the Exabel platform products are able to find success and grow their use of the platform over time. The end users are finance professionals, working within buy-side investment teams, and in this role it is equally important to understand capital markets and buy-side workflows, as it is to understand how alternative data, analytics and a well-designed software user interface can augment and provide insights.

You will be working very closely with the rest of the product team and developers, but also interact with our quants, sales, customers and partners.

Location: London or Oslo

Core responsibilities:

  • Make sure our platform offers the most effective and intuitive end user experience for our customers
  • Understand the needs and workflows of financial buy-side users and how alternative data can help them. This knowledge must then be translated into functionality and workflows on our platforms
  • Gather and keep track of input from external and internal users and stakeholders
  • Create specifications for developers, including wireframes of user interfaces
  • Test and verify functionality from the developers
  • Make sure our end users utilize the full extent of our platform. You will use tools such as user analytics, interactive guided tours, tips & tricks etc to analyse, inform and activate the user base.
  • Some sales support can also be expected, such as demoing the platform in customer meetings

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Understanding of what makes a good end user experience and how design, data visualisation, navigation and functionality plays together
  • Be able to build up a very solid understanding of how our end users work workflows
  • Good at communicating requirements in a clear way through specifications and sketches
  • Able to deal with multiple inputs at the same time, prioritise and deliver on the most important goals
  • Experience from capital markets is a must, either from a financial institution or delivering software/data/analytics to the financial industry
  • Previous experience from the software development process is a requirement; for example in a role as product manager/owner, developer or project manager
  • Experience specifically from alternative data or data analytics is a plus

Life at Exabel:

We are a senior team of quants, data and software engineers, designers and commercial entrepreneurs. The team has experience from the world's leading technology and investment management companies.

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Working at Exabel

We are a young company, establishing a challenging, respectful and stimulating culture across a global team; We succeed when we all succeed.

Join a dedicated team

We are a diverse team of finance and technology professionals with a range of backgrounds stretching from deep buyside experience to mathematicians, software engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. The team has experience from Google, Citadel, Point 72, Blackrock, Goldman Sachs, WorldQuant, Bloomberg, Neudata, Factset – to mention a few. We are not strangers to the challenges of building high-quality software.


We are building tomorrow’s technology, and we encourage the team to visit and/or speak at conferences within their domain.

We are happy for team members travel to relevant conferences, and we will also reimburse you for the expenses.

Stock incentives

In addition to a competitive pay, we offer stock incentives.

With the massive potential in the software that we are building, there is also a significant financial upside.

All team members will get a chance to take part in that upside.

Offices in Oslo, London and New York

We sit in comfortable offices in downtown Oslo, London, and New York, within walking distance of everything you need, including major transport hubs.

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Photo of Exabel's lunch
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What happens after I apply?

We aim to keep the process smooth and uncomplicated. Once we have reviewed your application we will be setting interviews with your team leader and if proceeding a followup interview with team members. 

We like for everyone to participate in a code test or a business case presentation.  It gives us a better glimpse at your skills and strengths.

Week one at Exabel may look something like this:

  • Your workstation will have been ordered ahead of time (by your specs, of course), so you can be up and running by day one.

  • You’ll get to know the team and what people are working on by having a one‐on‐one coffee (or a tea, or juice, or your beverage of choice) with everybody on the team.

  • You will be introduced to “the julekalender”, which outlines the company’s goals for the next few years (and equally importantly, what happens when each goal is reached).

  • Pick your first challenge, and contribute some code.

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Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo, London, and New York.