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Quantitative researcher

We are looking for a creative quantitative researcher to join our team. At Exabel we build state-of-the art AI for modelling financial problems. In particular we aim to lower the barrier for becoming quantamental, where we build and provide AutoML for the problem of interest, for example time series forecasting, alpha testing of multiple signals, and building relationships between companies.

The role

  • Drive research and ideas for improving Exabel’s modeling platform.
  • Research and implement machine learning models for forecasting, alpha testing, etc. in Exabel’s software platform.
  • Build tools for data insight.


  • 2+ years experience of quantitative analysis/modelling within finance.
  • MA/PhD in statistics/quantitative finance/computer science.
  • Good understanding of global equities markets and their interrelationships.
  • Ability to use both small and large data sets to extract insights for financial problems.

Desired experience

  • Experience implementing models and quantitative strategies in a modern software production environment.
  • Hands-on experience in applying advanced machine learning methods to quantitative equities research is highly preferred.
  • Extensive experience in using Python for numerical programming.
  • Software engineering experience is a big plus.

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Working at Exabel

We are a young company, and we are conscious of establishing a stimulating culture in the team. We do well when you do well. To get a glimpse of what life at Exabel might be like, check out our guide for new employees.

Guide for new employees →

Join a dedicated team

We are a senior team of mathematicians, software engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. The team has experience from Google, Twitter, Medallia, ForgeRock, Intelligent Trading, Citadel – to mention a few. We are not strangers to the challenges of building high-quality software.


  • Competitive salary and equity package
  • Free lunch every day
  • 5 weeks holiday
  • Flexible hours


We are building tomorrow’s technology, and we encourage the team to visit and/or speak at conferences within their domain.

We are happy for team members travel to relevant conferences, and we will also reimburse you for the expenses.

Stock incentives

In addition to a competitive pay, we offer stock incentives.

With the massive potential in the software that we are building, there is also a significant financial upside.

All team members will get a chance to take part in that upside.

Offices in downtown Oslo

We sit in a comfortable 500 sqm office space in downtown Oslo, within walking distance of everything you need, including the main transport hubs.

Healthy lunch every day

We offer a warm and healthy lunch every day – for free.

There’s also several really nice cafés in the neighborhood, where you can get your coffee fix, have some pastry, or do some reading.

Photo of entrance
Photo of Exabel's lunch
Photo of the common area

What happens after I apply?

We aim to keep the process smooth and uncomplicated. The first step is a review of the material that you send us. It is important that you send sufficient material to give a good impression of your experience.

The next step would be a meeting in Oslo, with one or two of us. We may also do a code test.

The last step would be an interview with a person who understands your skillset.

Week one at Exabel may look something like this:

  • Your workstation will have been ordered ahead of time (by your specs, of course), so you can be up and running by day one.

  • You’ll get to know the team and what people are working on by having a one‐on‐one coffee (or a tea, or juice, or your beverage of choice) with everybody on the team.

  • You will be introduced to “the julekalender”, which outlines the company’s goals for the next few years (and equally importantly, what happens when each goal is reached).

  • Pick your first challenge, and contribute some code.

See Exabel’s guide for new employees →

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Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo and London.