Exabel for discretionary teams

Bring alternative data into your existing investment process

Exabel makes it easy for any investor to utilise alternative data in their investment process. Access preloaded alternative data, predefined dashboards and single-stock drilldown tools for each data set. Easily customise views to fit your own requirements. Want to use your own data? No problem – easily upload the data and utilise the same easy-to-use interface to build on predefined templates, or make your own.

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Let Exabel do the tedious work for you

We have ingested and organised fundamental data and alternative data sets – so that you don’t have to. At Exabel we want investors to make investment decisions and not spend valuable time on finding, ingesting and organising the data upon which decisions are made.

All visualisations in the Exabel platform are easily exported so you can share with your team, investors, committees and other stakeholders.

Predictive insights at the click of a button

Understand the predictive power of alternative data on metrics you care about. The insights on the Exabel platform are backed up by prediction models and robust alpha backtests to help you hone in on the most important trends and developments.

Run correlation analyses and backtests yourself to verify your own alternative data hypotheses, and the relative potency of different data.

Signal from noise

Monitor the data the way you like it

Gather a variety of data-driven insights in customisable views. Build  dashboards with company drilldown tools to understand how a particular strategy or hypothesis is playing out. Define your own peers or research candidates to evaluate. Use the platform to build alerts to warn when the data gives early signs of changepoints or reversals for tickers you care about.

You have already installed everything you need

Exabel is a state-of-the-art web application, which can be securely accessed from any computer with a web browser. You can be up and running in no time, without the need for any implementation resources.

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Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo, London, and New York.