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Factor analysis

Measure, understand and fine-tune your factor exposures

Simply upload your portfolio holdings to the Exabel platform and use our proprietary factor model to get a view of your portfolio through a factor lens. Do you have unintentional factor biases in your portfolio? How does your factor exposure compare to that of your benchmark? What stocks contribute the most or least to your desired factor exposures? These are just some of the questions the Exabel platform can help you understand in our easy-to-use factor analysis tool.

Scenario analysis

Run scenario analyses on your existing holdings to see if there are better combinations to achieve your desired factor exposure. Stocks with similar return conviction might have very different factor exposures and the Exabel platform can help you understand the tradeoffs. Compare different combinations of holdings side by side through Exabel’s factor analysis model.

Historical factor contributions

Upload historical snapshots of your portfolio holdings and produce factor attribution reports. What are the factor tilts that contributed to or detracted from your performance? Were those factor tilts intentional or not?

Understand your ESG exposures

By bringing in your source for ESG ratings, you can as easily as with other factors understand your exposures to different ESG factors. Use Exabel’s proprietary optimiser to create portfolios that specifically maximise your ESG exposure while controlling other exposures.

You have already installed everything you need

Exabel is a state-of-the-art web application, which can be securely accessed from any computer with a web browser. You can be up and running in no time, without the need for any implementation resources.

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