Careers Team Mission

Mission & values

Our goal is to be the world leader in financial artificial intelligence. The financial system will best serve society with fair, open and efficient markets.

Investors need not only access to information, but also the tools to analyse and turn the information into insights. We aim to provide the premier analytics solution that enables investors to understand the implications of the available data.


We and our investors are firm believers that applying capital and technology will make the world better. Grotmol Solutions is an avid supporter of Utviklingsfondet, and Stenshagen Invest is a partner with UNICEF. A large part of any financial returns from Exabel will be used for humanitarian causes.

Future applications of our core technology

The global financial markets is one example of a self-organized, complex dynamical system. It’s an intricate network of parts that interact with each other and which changes over time. Most events have small implications, but sometimes an event can have huge effects through ripple effects. Essentially, all interesting systems in nature and society have these characteristics.

We are creating machine learning techniques and building scalable software infrastructure to deal with such complexity. Today, we are squarely focused on applications to the financial markets since that’s where we see the best near-term commercialisation opportunities. Longer term, we hope to apply our technology to analyse other complex systems such as the brain or the environment.