Feb 29, 2024

Freight Market Intelligence Data from FreightWaves Now Available on Exabel

Exabel partners with FreightWaves, a provider of freight market intelligence data, to integrate their SONAR dataset into our alternative data platform for investors.

The partnership allows investment teams to tap into FreightWaves’ SONAR dataset, which tracks the 9T goods economy in the US (via train and truck) and globally (via ocean and plane). By monitoring supply chain and freight activities across public and private companies worldwide, investment teams can derive valuable insights into company performance.

Through our partnership with FreightWaves, we’ve streamlined access to this dataset, integrating it seamlessly into our platform, allowing investment teams to easily leverage FreightWaves’ SONAR dataset in Exabel. The dataset is updated daily, providing users with real-time insights into companies within their portfolios, with historical data dating back to 2018 for backtesting and modeling.

Brendan Gay, Director, Data Partnerships at Exabel, spoke on the new partnership:

“Exabel is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with FreightWaves, a leading provider of freight market intelligence data. Integrating Freight Waves’ SONAR dataset into our alternative data platform continues to strengthen our breadth of datasets and our growing number of partners available to investors.”

Daniel Pickett, Chief Data and Technology Officer at FreightWaves added:

“FreightWaves’ SONAR platform has been the most trusted source of supply chain data and information within the transportation industry since 2018. Shippers, 3PLs, and transportation providers rely on SONAR data to make daily tactical decisions as well as longer term capital plans. The global economy of physical goods moves on ships, trucks, trains and planes. We are fanatical about capturing real time information on that movement, and look forward to sharing that information with a broader audience.”

About Exabel

Exabel is an end-to-end platform for the organization, analysis, visualization and transformation of alternative data. The platform is built to enable fundamental investment teams to work with alternative data more effectively by providing the analytical tools for combining foundational, their own and our alternative data partners’ data assets.

To find out more about the FreightWaves SONAR dataset, click the button below to get in touch.

For further information on FreightWaves visit their website.

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