Alternative Data

Enhance Your Use of Alternative Data

Explore the wealth of alternative datasets within Exabel’s ecosystem. We’ve streamlined the integration process, seamlessly incorporating all data partner assets into our platform, ensuring quick and effortless access.

Data Vendors

Exabel’s Alternative Data Partners

We partner with a growing number of alternative data vendors across various categories of alternative data. Find out more about our data partners.


Flywheel’s core business provides eCommerce Intelligence and Retail Media buying services to 5000 consumer brands.


LinkUp’s core business provides labor market data for sixty thousand companies, across 195 countries.


Gridwise Analytics’ core business provides gig mobility data across companies like Uber, Doordash, Instacart and LYFT.


MedMine provides medical products procurement data helping investors evaluate cutting-edge healthcare information.


Sandalwood Advisors’ core business provides card transaction data in Asia-Pacific geographies. 

And more integrated alternative datasets from our Partners. To see all of the available datasets, click below.

Proprietary Data

Onboard Your Own Data

Quickly and easily onboard your own data assets into Exabel. Combine them with our partners’ data and traditional market data to carry out all of your investment research in one place.

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