Feb 13, 2023

Exabel awarded 14 MNOK grant

We are proud to announce that Exabel has been awarded a grant of NOK 14 million (USD 1.8 million), by the Research Council of Norway. The grant is part of a program for user-driven research (BIA), whose objective is to support high-quality R&D projects with strong business and socio-economic potential.

This grant enables us to make headway in solving some of our most challenging tasks. As part of the project, we will work closely with the excellent researchers at the Norwegian Computing Center, as well as selected project partners from prominent investment groups in the Nordic countries.

The project duration is four years, and will be centered around two main research topics:

  • Extracting structure and information from natural language
  • Quantifying the effect of financial information through model building

Read more about the grants at the Research Council of Norway’s website.

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