Exabel for data vendors

Use Exabel technology as your front-end to deliver branded insights to all of your customers

Your current addressable market is limited to those buyers with the in-house  technical capability to recognise and extract value from raw data. With the Exabel platform you can address a large market of less technically oriented investment teams, delivering instant value with pre-built models, easy-to-use tools and analysis dashboards.

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Discover valuable insights derived from your data

Use the power of Exabel’s AI analysis, modelling and data science platform to quickly, easily and robustly surface value in your data in a form that financial buyers will recognise and  understand. The platform is tailored for capital markets, and includes preloaded market data, company KPIs and other supplementary data, and lets you work with individual companies  or entire sectors at once. Visualise the correlation between your data  and company-reported KPIs, and progress to building powerful predictive models. Simulate and backtest trading  strategies to reveal alpha potential, and break down the performance in terms of style and industry factors.

Demonstrate insights in a way that financial buyers value

Show your data in the best light, and accelerate the often painful evaluation process for those seeking to derive value from your offerings. Present sample  data, use cases and performance  metrics in easy-to-read, interactive Data Reports designed to attract and engage prospective customers, whether systematic or discretionary.

Deliver curated insights instantly to new and existing customers

Delivering daily data insights directly to investment teams has never been easier than with the Exabel Insights Platform.  Configure your own, branded front-end on Exabel’s platform, and offer analysts and portfolio managers secure access to curated insights, dashboards and visualisations with rich, interactive and  flexible drill-down capabilities. Your insights content can be consumed by end users in a standalone format – or users can do their own, custom analyses in combination with other data.

While there is growing interest in Alternative data beyond the Quant early-adopters, we struggled to clearly and measurably articulate the value in our offering to the new ‘Quantamental’ prospective buyers. The Exabel platform provides a showcase for the value in our data that the more discretionary asset managers understand, and it also allows them to consume and build signals into their existing strategies and daily workflows. Exabel also gives us better insight into how our customers use and interact with our sample data sets so we can evolve our offerings.

Capital Markets Sales Director at alternative data vendor

You have already installed everything you need

Exabel is a state-of-the-art web application, which can be securely accessed from any computer with a web browser. You can be up and running in no time, without the need for any implementation resources.

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Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo, London, and New York.

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