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Flywheel Alternative Data

Flywheel's core business provides eCommerce Intelligence and Retail Media buying services to five thousand consumer brands. Flywheel's Alternative Data team transforms a number of the same underlying datasets to serve consumer sector investment research needs.

Key Info

Sectors Consumer Digital Retail
Tickers 390+
History 2013 onwards
KPIs mapped Gross Margin, Inventory
Geography/Universe US, UK, DE
Collection Web-scraping
Delivery Weekly

Flywheel Alternative Data’s main product for investors:

eCommerce Insights

eCommerce Insights is used by investment analysts to evaluate the performance of seasonal and evergreen product & pricing strategies of retailers & brands. By examining the changes in pricing and promotional activity, coinciding shifts in product availability and new product launches can reveal impacts on gross margin and inventory position.

These core metrics are available for all, new, and evergreen products by retailer, brand, country, and category to answer even the most-specific questions.


Retailers Scraped

Flywheel has an extensive history of  pricing, promotion, and availability data available from a wide selection of digital retailers with very high success and capture rates.



Explore your thesis in detail by comparing apples to apples performance for specific business segments and categories.


Rows of Data

Each day, Flywheel collects SKU-level data to aggregate performance metrics for discretionary analysts to review.

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