Gig Mobility

Gridwise Analytics

Gridwise Analytics’ core business provides gig mobility data across companies like Uber, Doordash, Instacart and LYFT, helping investors understand the supply and demand economics of people and goods moving across on demand delivery and ridesharing platforms.

Key Info

Sectors: Technology
History: 2016
KPIs mapped: 40+
Geography/Universe: US
Delivery: Weekly

Gridwise’s Main Product for Investors

Gridwise Analytics

Gridwise Analytics is used by investment teams to identify and evaluate emerging trends in the rideshare and delivery industry, understand user behavior and demographics, and compare performance of different players across geographies. The proprietary collection methodology which uses self-reporting by drives, gives investment teams insight into driver and vehicle utilization rates, compensation and bonus rates, which speak to broader market trends and competitive landscape.



Over 150k drivers use the Gridwise App to capture metrics across gig mobility platforms.


Trips Captured

Rider trips across UBER, LYFT, DASH, CART.


Cities by Tier

100+ Cities tracked by Gridwise, enabling investment teams to evaluate regional market trends and competitive landscape.

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