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March 2024


About the report

In today’s rapidly evolving market landscape, staying ahead means leveraging the most dynamic and relevant data available. Exabel’s US Consumer Sector Report is uniquely positioned for investors with comprehensive insights into the US consumer sector. By amalgamating key alternative data trends from three distinct data providers—Facteus, Flywheel Alternative Data, and Revelio Labs—our report delivers must-know insights into pricing, consumer spending, and workforce dynamics, all in one concise package.

Why Our Report Stands Out: Our unique value proposition lies in the aggregation of diverse data sets to provide a holistic view of the US consumer sector. From pricing strategies and consumer spending habits to workforce changes, we distill complex datasets into actionable insights. This analysis allows our subscribers to benchmark company performance against sector-wide trends. For instance, understanding how a company’s pricing strategy fares in a broader environment of price pressures can offer a clear indicator of potential margin resilience or risk.

For the Analysts Who Need to Know: Our target audience includes the analytical minds behind the success of hedge funds, asset management firms, and sovereign wealth funds. If your role involves equipping portfolio managers with the insights they need to make informed decisions, our report is designed for you. With a focus on the Consumer Cyclicals and Consumer Non-cyclicals sectors, we provide the data coverage that matters most to your strategic planning.

Methodology That Matters: Our methodology is as rigorous as it is insightful. By compiling a list of 80+ companies with operations in North America across the consumer sector, we ensure that our insights are both comprehensive and comparable. We meticulously select and aggregate company-level metrics from each of our data providers, focusing exclusively on US data to maintain accuracy and relevance. Whether it’s Facteus’ dataset offering a glimpse into US card spending, Flywheel’s insights into retail pricing strategies, or Revelio Labs’ workforce analytics, we ensure parity across metrics for a balanced view of the sector.

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Report Collaborators

Facteus is the largest provider of consumer transaction data in the Alternative Data industry specializing in providing comprehensive consumer spending data to businesses in the financial sector, delivering actionable insights to empower investors to make data-driven decisions.

E-Commerce Insights tracks the changing product mix, pricing, promotional intensity and product availability on 350+ websites covering 390 public companies and 149k brands. Flywheel’s Alternative Data team transforms e-commerce intelligence from the underlying datasets to serve consumer sector investment research.

Revelio Labs build the tools that are needed to understand the workforce of every company. By ingesting the universe of public workforce data, Revelio have created a standard structure to unify occupations and job titles, skills and activities, and companies and other organizations.


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