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Deriving alpha-generating insights from alternative data requires the tools for creative research and operational expertise to make different data sources comparable in real-time. The Exabel platform is highly customizable and offers over 50 integrations that can be activated with a single click.


For Investment Teams

  • Sophisticated prediction modeling of any company KPI
  • Seamless workflows combining fundamental, proprietary and alternative data
  • Pre-integrated, ready to use alternative datasets


For Data Vendors

  • Expanded serviceable market with increased exposure to discretionary investor prospects
  • Convert your data asset into investable insights in a platform built for investors
  • Strategies and resources for supporting this unique customer segment


Purpose-Built for Investment

Our platform seamlessly integrates alternative data with foundational data, providing you with a powerful engine to enhance your KPI analysis and fundamental research.

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Immediately Access Vendors

With over 50 integrated alternative datasets ready to use in an instant and the unique ability to onboard your own proprietary data, Exabel is the platform to use for working with alternative data.

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Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo, London, and New York.

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