Solving problems in finance using artificial intelligence.

Analysing markets and news flows in real time

There’s an explosion in the quantity and variety of relevant financial and economic data available. Yet, most investors lack the tools to leverage the data to gain actionable insights. 

Exabel analyses all types of data with advanced mathematical models and machine learning technology to uncover what’s driving the financial markets.

Decision-making tools for investors and fund managers

Exabel’s system will let you know when there are important events or trends that you need to be aware of. Get an updated analysis on any public company at any time.

We’re developing a smart digital assistant for professional investors. Would you like to have your own team of quantitative analysts, monitoring everything that’s going on in the financial markets 24/7?

AI that deals with complexity

Classical machine learning methods are poorly suited to deal with the complex, time-varying nature of the global financial markets. We are developing new analysis methods and applying a novel combination of mathematical and machine learning approaches to uncover insights about what’s driving such a complex system.

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