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Unlock Alternative Data

Deriving alpha-generating insights from alternative data requires the tools for creative research and operational expertise to make different data sources comparable in real-time. Exabel seamlessly integrates 50+ pre-mapped datasets with fundamental KPIs from Factset and Visible Alpha. Unparalleled flexibility and visibility into mappings, forecast composition, and the unique ability to onboard proprietary data powers clients with insights well beyond simple backtests.


For Investors

  • Sophisticated prediction modeling of any company KPI
  • Seamless workflows combining fundamental, proprietary and alternative data
  • Pre-integrated, ready to use alternative datasets


For Data Vendors

  • Expanded serviceable market with increased exposure to discretionary investor prospects
  • Convert your data asset into investable insights in a platform built for investors
  • Strategies and resources for supporting this unique customer segment

Insights and resources

Unlock alternative data

Make Informed Investment Decisions and Generate Repeatable Alpha

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Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo, New York and London.

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