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AI for investment professionals

Exabel is the simple-to-use AI & ML platform for active investment managers and financial analysts. Quickly test hypotheses, build predictive models and discover driving factors – no quants required. Make better investment decisions with machine intelligence.

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Data science in a box

Powerful modelling at your fingertips

Are you looking to forecast revenue trends? Do you have a hypothesis about the drivers of share price movements? Maybe you need additional confidence regarding an investment idea?

You know the questions. Exabel helps you answer them. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain deeper insight and advance your edge in financial markets.


Let Exabel do the heavy lifting

Specify your target and input variables, and we handle the rest.

Exabel’s AI platform will automatically optimise the modelling methodology to give you the best solution to your case. A range of techniques, which work well for any research problem, is available.

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Alternative data

Get new insights with alternative data

Don’t wait for the quarterly earnings for insights on companies’ financial performance. Use web traffic data, news coverage, and other alternative data sources to model the situation of your target right now.


Reliable data out of the box

Market data, fundamentals, commodity prices, exchange rates, industry metrics, and macro indicators are available on the platform.

Upload your own data

Securely upload your own data sets, and combine them with Exabel’s data using our powerful AI modelling tools.

Never miss a beat

Real-time monitoring of your model output

Create custom dashboards to monitor all aspects of the companies you are interested in. Let Exabel maintain your model library, and get the output from your models presented through plots and alerts.

Exabel's impact graph

Retrieve data from related entities

Leverage our graph of relationships in the global financial markets to quickly pull out peers, suppliers, customers, and other relationships.

Electronic Arts Inc.
Ubisoft Entertainment SA
Activision Blizzard, Inc.
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Tencent Holdings Ltd.
Adaptive AI model template
Relative target time series
Relative input variables
Related entities
Training period
Modelling technique

Adaptive AI models.
Unprecedented power.

Let Exabel introduce you to a pioneering way of thinking about modelling. Easily build adaptive models which can be transposed to cover an entire portfolio or sector. Use relative references to entities and data sources to scale all your modelling efforts.

Build confidence in your models

Effortless backtesting

Exabel offers extensive backtesting capabilities. We will simulate how accurate your model would have been if you had used it in the past, to help you gain confidence in future predictions.

Unlimited computing power

Scale into the clouds

Our scalable infrastructure gives you all the computing power you need right at your fingertips.

Many modelling cases will be estimated in seconds. Queue up your largest modelling cases, and keep working while they are being estimated in the cloud.

Powered by Google Cloud

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Exabel is a finance technology company based in Oslo, Norway.