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Solving the toughest problems in finance

Exabel was founded in Oslo in 2016, on the belief that the financial markets will best serve society with fair, open and efficient markets. Our mission is to level the playing field in finance by making state-of-the-art AI technology accessible to investors worldwide.

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Core team

We are a senior team of mathematicians, software engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. The team has experience from some of the world's leading companies.

Neil Chapman


Neil is a seasoned leader of high-growth enterprise technology companies. Since 2011 Neil served in various roles on the leadership team of ForgeRock. Previously Neil has a broad Financial markets background.

Øyvind Grotmol, MSc

Founder & CTO

Øyvind has 12 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur. He was Director of Research & Innovation at Medallia and VP at Energy Micro, and did AI research as Senior Scientist at Brain Corp.

Jan Bratteberg

Chief Commercial Officer

Jan brings over 20 years of investment management experience from firms like Barclays Global Investors and BlackRock. At BlackRock, Jan was a Managing Director and held various positions including Portfolio Manager and Head of Investment Strategy.

Per Christian Moan, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Mathematician

Per Christian holds a PhD from Cambridge, and completed two post-docs. He brings 10 years experience of modelling financial markets at Intelligent Trading.

Taral Seierstad, PhD

Research scientist

Taral holds a doctoral degree in mathematics, a master’s degree in law, and has software development experience from BEKK and Intelligent Trading.

Rune Fevang, MSc

Lead software engineer

Rune brings eight years experience from Google HQ and Opera, and is merited in programming competitions, including placing 5th in TopCoder Open.

Børge Nordli, MSc

Software architect

Børge has nine years of developer experience from Google, Microsoft and Bouvet. He is a merited contestant from international mathematical and programming contests, including a silver medal at the ACM ICPC World’s Finals.

Asgeir Hoem, BA

Head of Product Design

Asgeir has 10 years of experience designing for digital platforms, and was the lead product designer and CEO at Stay.com.

Andreas Flåt Aglen, MSc

Chief Operating Officer

Andreas comes from the role as Engagement Manager at McKinsey. He holds an MSc degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU.

Erlend Aune, PhD

Director of Data Science

Erlend holds a PhD in statistics from NTNU, and brings five years of experience as Chief Data Scientist at Intelligent Communication and Director of Analysis and Insight at Amedia.

Srini Venkat, MSc

Software engineer

Srini brings six years of experience developing web applications within banking. He holds a master’s degree from the National University of Singapore.

Emil Bryngelsson, MSc

Software engineer

Emil holds an MSc from Chalmers University of Technology, and brings six years of software development experience from We Know IT, Netlight and others.

Eivind Nilssen, MSc

Senior data scientist

Eivind brings extensive data science experience from DNB. He also has ten years of research experience from SINTEF, Complete Genomics, and the Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund.

Lingzhen Chen, MSc

Data scientist

Lingzhen holds a Master’s degree in machine learning, with focus on natural language processing. She also has research experience from the iKernels group at the University of Trento.

Bjørn Rustad, MSc

Software engineer

Bjørn brings experience as a data engineer within Schibsted Products & Technology group, and holds a master’s degree in mathematics from NTNU.

Agustín Arizti

Software engineer

Agustín comes from building enterprise collaboration tools at Symfoni. He brings five years of software development experience, and holds a degree in computer science from Universidad de la República in Uruguay.

Øyvind Wergeland, MSc

Director of Engineering

Øyvind comes from the role as CTO at Oslo Market Solutions, a leading Nordic provider of web based financial market data and securities trading solutions. Previously he was Software Architect at Fast Search & Transfer.

Øystein Hallaråker, MSc

Principal Software Engineer

Øystein comes to Exabel after a decade at Microsoft, most recently in a role as Principal Software Engineer. Øystein holds an MSc from NTNU.

Martin Holtet, MM

Chief Product Officer

Martin brings 11 years experience from Infront, a leading European financial software company, where he held the role of CTO and was responsible for the Product and Engineering teams. He holds a BSc in computer science and a Master of Management within finance and data analytics.

Abdellatif Abdelfattah, BSc

Front-end developer

Abdellatif comes from his role as a software engineer at Twitter HQ, and brings previous experience from NASA and Groupon. He holds a BSc degree from SJSU.

Arpit Gupta

Quantitative Researcher

Arpit brings his expertise in quantitative research from his 5 year experience at BlackRock and Goldman Sachs. He holds an integrated M.Tech in Mathematics and Computing from IIT Delhi.

Board of directors

The board consists of experienced individuals from the finance industry.

Ola Snøve, PhD & MBA


Ola holds a PhD in bioinformatics from NTNU, and an MBA from INSEAD. He is Chairman of Aker BioMarine AS and Trygg Pharma AS, and board member at Cognite AS. He was previously Investment Director at Aker ASA.

Ole Petter Kjerkreit, MBA

Board member

Ole Petter runs his own investment firm OPeK Invest AS. He was previously Global Co-Head of Research at ABG Sundal Collier, and was consistently ranked as Norway’s top equity analyst within IT and telecom. Ole Petter moved to the investor side with Stenshagen Invest in 2016.

Martin Gjølme, MBA

Board member

Martin is currently Investment Director at Sole Kapital. He brings six years of experience as a Director at international private equity firm 3i Group and five years of experience as Associate Principal at McKinsey.

Stu Taylor

Board member

Stu is Managing Partner of Firenze Partners, a banking and advisory firm supporting Technology Scale-Ups. Until 2018, Stu was CEO and co-founder of Algomi, a leading UK capital markets fin-tech firm. Prior to Algomi, Stu was Managing Director at UBS where he led global Matched Principal Trading in Fixed Income.

Peder Strand, MSc

Board member

Peder brings 12 years of experience as responsible for IT/Technology at Arctic Securities corporate finance and as head of equities and credit research at SEB Enskilda.


We are happy to have a strong team of experienced advisors, with backgrounds from highly successful startups as well as banking and finance.

Børge Hald, MBA


Børge Hald is the Co-founder, Executive Chairman, and Chief Strategy Officer of Medallia, which is ranked #22 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list and backed by Sequoia Capital.

Gaute Ulltveit-Moe, MBA


Gaute is the Head of Nordea Markets Norway, and was part of starting Arctic Securities in the role as Head of International Sales.

Henning Holter, MBA


Henning has extensive start-up and management experience from venture-backed Fintech firms operating out of London.


We and our investors are firm believers that applying capital and technology will make the world better. Grotmol Solutions is an avid supporter of Utviklingsfondet, and Stenshagen Invest is a partner with UNICEF. A large part of any financial returns from Exabel will be used for humanitarian causes.

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Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo and London.