Nov 11, 2021

APG chooses Exabel as its platform for extracting alternative data insights

Exabel, the data and analytics platform, announces it has signed an agreement with the Dutch pension provider APG, to utilise the Exabel platform for integrating alternative data into its investment strategies. APG, the largest pension provider in the Netherlands, will use Exabel to extract insights from alternative data as part of its overall investment workflow.

Exabel is an end-to-end software platform designed to help an investment team use alternative data in its investment workflow. Pre-integrated ‘ground truth’ data, combined with an intuitive user interface, rich data management and a purpose-built Signal Explorer for signal transformation and testing will enable APG to rapidly assess potential alternative data sources and signals for potency, relevance and insight. Exabel’s integrated suite of investment research and analysis modules will enable APG to work collaboratively across teams and functions, improving efficiency in idea generation, modelling, testing and validation.

Exabel’s intuitive ‘coding-free’ user interface, extensive visualisation capabilities, and the application of quantitative machine learning technology will enable APG to gain insights from alternative data using cutting edge tools, freeing them from the constraints of scarce specialist data-science and quantitative analytical resources as well as the high cost of bespoke IT systems. 

APG, with over €600 billion in assets under management, has chosen to partner with Exabel after a successful trial of the platform. APG pursues an active, sustainable, long term investment policy for its funds. For every possible investment category, it has a dedicated group of highly educated specialists which provide the in-house expertise to be able to manage approximately 75% of its assets internally.

In terms of addressing our needs Exabel was the only platform that would let us achieve our goals.

Olivier Hirtum, Senior Portfolio Manager Developed Market Equities at APG said: “APG started the search for an alternative data evaluation platform earlier this year and after performing a careful analysis of solutions available in the market, decided on partnering with Exabel. In terms of addressing our needs Exabel was the only platform that would let us achieve our goals. We have built a great relationship with the Exabel team, based on sharing insights and knowledge. We are pleased to take the next step in our alternative data journey together with Exabel.” 

APG is one of the world’s leading pension funds and a pioneer amongst their peers in the use of alternative data

Neil Chapman, CEO of Exabel commented:  “We are delighted that the APG team has chosen Exabel as the platform for integrating alternative data into its investment strategies. APG is one of the world’s leading pension funds and a pioneer amongst their peers in the use of alternative data, and we are honoured they have chosen the Exabel software platform to help drive their continued growth and success.

At Exabel we strongly believe that by gaining new insights from alternative data sources, active investment firms will continue to consistently find an edge in the market and generate superior returns for their shareholders, in this case the Dutch taxpayers.

Alternative data represents a huge opportunity for today’s professional investors, but it also throws up significant challenges. Exabel’s software will help APG to reduce the difficulties inherent in wielding alternative data and combining different datasets to extract greater value. It is this ability to simply construct a ‘data mosaic’ which will provide the next generation of value to investors in the marketplace in the coming years.”

About APG

As the largest pension provider in the Netherlands APG looks after the pensions of 4.7 million participants. APG provides executive consultancy, asset management, pension administration, pension communication and employer services. We work for pension funds and employers in the sectors of education, government, construction, cleaning, housing associations, sheltered employment organizations, medical specialists, and architects. APG manages approximately €610 billion (September 2021) in pension assets. With approximately 3,000 employees we work from Heerlen, Amsterdam, Brussels, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

About Exabel 

Exabel is an analytics platform for any investment professional who wants to benefit from alternative data and modern data science tools in their investment process. It fulfils a growing need in financial markets: while use of data – including fundamental, market, proprietary and alternative data – is critical for asset managers, modeling such data in house has become an excessive use of time and resources for all but the very largest investment firms. Exabel’s SaaS-delivered platform enables discretionary managers to complement their fundamental strategies with more data-driven techniques. It is the missing piece that allows investment teams to benefit from alternative data immediately. Exabel is currently growing rapidly having raised $22.7m and increased the team to 30+ employees with more hiring underway.

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