Nov 15, 2023

New white paper from Exabel details how to more effectively work with multiple alternative datasets

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest white paper, “How Discretionary Managers Combine Alternative Datasets to Discover Deeper Insights.” This comprehensive guide outlines how investors can better utilize multiple alternative datasets to derive unique, investable insights more easily.

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Finding creative and powerful combinations of alternative datasets is proving to be one of the most-effective methods for professional investors to find opportunities for outperformance. As alternative data analysis has matured into a critical component of the investment process, from idea generation to risk management, deriving custom analysis has become an increasingly important method for sustaining alpha. This white paper will outline the best-in-class process, and the resulting challenges, for evaluating alt data asset combinations for two primary use cases: 1) Reported KPI Predictions and 2) Non-Reported Fundamental Measures of Company Performance.

You can download your copy of the whitepaper by clicking the link below.

Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo, New York and London.

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