Nov 16, 2023

Ecommerce Insights V3 launches & Ascential Rebrands to ‘Flywheel Alternative Data’

V3 of the Ecommerce Insights platform brings a host of new features and functionality for users to better analyze the Flywheel Alternative Data (formerly Ascential AD) dataset, providing pricing, promotion and availability data on over 390 publicly traded tickers and thousands of brands globally.

1) IMPROVED Sell-Through Strategy Analysis

New visualizations allow investors to immediately analyze sell-through performance for seasonal product strategies. The improved charts and metrics within the platform better demonstrate how YoY changes in pricing and discounting activity impact sell-through performance, giving you improved indicators for gross margin and inventory levels.

2) NEW Category Replenishment Analysis

The platform now includes pricing, promotion, and availability metrics for evergreen products, unlocking analytics for the category replenishment strategy. Investment teams can now analyze price competition and supply-chain dynamics between retailers that stock similar evergreen products. This introduced functionality greatly extends the usefulness of Flywheel AD’s Ecommerce Insights, as these metrics speak more meaningfully to non-fashion retailers. 

3) NEW Gross Margin Modeling for KPI Analysis

We have worked with Flywheel AD to introduce their most-important signals to Exabel’s KPI analysis tooling, enabling analysts to derive custom gross margin predictions from Flywheel (and other vendors). The auto-model will instantly weight the available factors for each company to create an accurate and backtested predictor for gross margin.

About Flywheel Alternative Data

James Griffiths, General Manager at Flywheel Alternative Data, speaks on the rebrand:

“We are thrilled to announce that the 11 businesses within Ascential Digital Commerce that serve 5k+ consumer brands, together with our Alternative Data team that serves Investors, have come together as one new brand, Flywheel. This will harness the power of our combined expertise, enable a simplified customer experience, and bring together our market-leading solutions under one team.

Our Alternative Data clients will continue to access the same flagship fashion and CPG pricing and promotion dataset, now known as eCommerce Insights. Additional datasets used by consumer brand clients are being prepared for launch to investors in the coming months. For example, available now is a dataset that sizes major retail categories in 180 countries and provides retailer market share, including 5-year future forecasts. This has been road-tested by 300+ brand manufacturers and 20+ investment banking / M&A strategy consulting clients.

While you will see a new logo and brand name, our goal and focus remain the same: to help you win in analyzing the fast-evolving world of digital commerce.”

You can find out more information about Flywheel Alternative Data and see all their latest investment research on their new LinkedIn page:

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