Nov 29, 2023

Exabel’s New KPI Analyzer Enables Investors to More Effectively Perform KPI Analysis & Prediction

The latest feature in our alternative data platform is now available to all investors. Exabel’s KPI Analyzer allows investment teams to easily combine all of your alternative datasets in a single environment to map, monitor and predict company KPIs. Leverage pre-built vendor KPI mappings to track company KPIs trending into earnings and customize these further to build deeper, differentiated insights.

For investment teams, combining alternative datasets to track and predict company KPIs is crucial to the investment process. This is important for corroborating theses across data sets to avoid bias from any single source, and to translate alternative data trends to the actual financial or operational performance of a company.

Making the most of alternative data for KPI analysis and prediction is a painful process. Effectively mapping and modeling multiple datasets to KPIs is laborious. Rigorous modeling and backtesting is hard to do in tools like Excel and requires significant expertise, putting it out of reach of non-technical analysts & PMs. Custom ad-hoc analysis is not easy, repeatable and shareable across teams, hindering the ability to use alternative data in a scaled, collaborative investment process.

The alternative data market is highly fragmented with thousands of data vendors, served in varying formats and data delivery channels. Most data is not effectively mapped and modeled to relevant KPIs, or in a limited way to generic revenue KPIs, leaving the burden on the buy-side to do the heavy-lifting. Existing aggregator solutions provide little transparency into how vendor data has been mapped, and do not allow analysts to customize analysis according to their investment theses.

Exabel’s KPI Analyzer

Exabel’s new KPI Analyzer extends our alternative data platform to streamline KPI mapping & analysis for investment teams. Exabel is integrated with multiple key data vendor partners, enabling data to be accessed in one convenient environment. Save time by accessing pre-built KPI mappings and models, in order to discover, evaluate and leverage data in your investment process. Build upon this by customizing mappings, combining with your own proprietary data, and fine-tune accurate prediction models to develop your edge.

About Exabel

Exabel is an end-to-end platform for the organization, analysis, visualization and transformation of alternative data. The Exabel platform is built to enable fundamental investment teams to work with alternative data more effectively by providing the analytical tools for combining foundational, their own and our alternative data partners’ data assets.

See the KPI Analyzer in Action

Ready to see the Exabel KPI Analyzer in action? Click the link below to request your personalized demo. Elevate your use of alternative data for KPI prediction and analysis – unlock alternative data with Exabel.

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