Jun 22, 2023

Patent information and IP data from Quant IP now available on Exabel

Exabel partners with Quant IP, a leading provider of patent information and IP data, to make their unique dataset available on our alternative data platform.

Quant IP’s patent and IP data is now available on Exabel, allowing investment teams to further enhance their investment research. Quant IP provides high quality patent information data for various use cases to investors working in financial markets. The unique dataset delivers actionable insights that are ready to use and easy to integrate into existing investment processes, without needing patent or IP domain knowledge.

The patent information dataset covers 99.9% of all patents globally for both public and private companies, with coverage dating back to 1995 for the USA, 2001 for Europe and 2005 for Asia. The data is mapped to corporate trees on a monthly frequency, serving insights directly to subscribers. Investors can utilize Quant IP’s data for both quantitative and, with the Exabel platform, fundamental investment research.

Christopher Chang, VP Sales & Partnerships at Exabel, spoke on the new partnership: “We’re thrilled to partner with Quant IP to make their data available on the Exabel platform. This partnership further strengthens our coverage of diverse and powerful alternative datasets available to investors.

“Quant IP is a leading provider of patent and IP data with global coverage. Investors researching publicly traded companies in any market can add depth to their research with this complementary alternative dataset.”

Lucas von Reuss, CEO at Quant IP, added: “With over 120 million inventions on patent databases, investors can utilize Quant IP’s dataset to dive deeper into companies and sectors, to identify technology trends and find companies leading the way in innovation.

“We’re excited to partner with Exabel, and expand our offering, to deliver powerful insights surrounding patent information and IP data directly to investment teams.”

Exabel is purpose-built for investment managers, evolving how they work with alternative data. Our platform is the solution for the tangled, time-intensive workflows surrounding discovering alpha in alternative data.

Exabel partners with data providers to provide a suite of tools and contextual visualizations purpose-built for investment analysts to extract alpha from alternative datasets.

To find out more about Quant IP’s dataset, visit our Request Data Information page to get in touch.

Find out more: https://www.exabel.com/request-data or you can visit our Partner’s website: https://quant-ip.com/

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