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LinkUp’s core business provides labor market data for sixty thousand companies, across 195 countries. LinkUp’s proprietary process collects data directly from employer websites, ensuring accurate and timely signals on hiring.

Key Info

Tickers 10,000+
History 2007
KPIs mapped N/A
Geography/Universe Global
Collection Web-scraping
Delivery Daily

LINKUP’s main product for investors:

LinkUp Insights Platform

The LinkUp Insights Platform is used by investment analysts to evaluate labor market trends across sectors or geographies, and to understand company specific hiring trends by occupation type. By examining the changes in labor market trends, and company specific shifts in hiring,  coinciding shifts in created and deleted job postings can reveal growing demand for certain occupations, or impending layoffs.


Company Websites Scraped

LinkUp has an extensive history of created, deleted, and active job postings data sourced directly from company websites for the most accurate and timely information.


Years of History

History of Labor and Job Market insights dating back to 2007.


Rows of Data

Each day, LinkUp collects job market data across thousands of companies.

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