Medical Products Procurement


MedMine’s core business provides medical products procurement data helping investors evaluate cutting-edge healthcare information and analytics across US medical facilities.

Key Info

Sectors: Healthcare
Tickers: 40+
History: 2010
KPIs mapped: 40+
Geography/Universe: US
Delivery: Weekly

MedMine’s Main Product for Investors

Medical Purchase Order Insights

MedMine’s Medical Purchase Order Insights is used by investment teams to identify segments within healthcare that are experiencing growth or lagging behind, evaluate supplier performance, and assess product demand. By understanding these aspects of the industry, investment teams can more effectively monitor industry trends and analyze competitive dynamics of companies selling into the same healthcare segments.


US Medical Facilities

Medical purchase order insights sourced from over 2700 US Medical Facilities.



Capture Rate

MedMine’s database captures approximately 20% of the US medical device and hospital supplies market with the ability to track several thousand individual products.


Vendors Captures

Over 3500 public and private vendors sell into these medical facilities.

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