The team in August 2018☝️

Life at Exabel

First things first: welcome to Exabel! We are excited to have you! You are now part of an experienced team, determined to solve some formidably challenging problems. But even if we are building pretty serious software for people with serious responsibilities, we are not a serious bunch. Let this guide jump-start your life at Exabel!

All companies have a culture, whether intentional or accidental. Some companies have cultures that encourage, motivate, and enable people. Other companies have cultures that restrict and confuse people.

At Exabel we believe a key to our success will be a company culture that enables all of us to do great work, and enjoy doing it. A great culture comes in part from deliberate design, like this attempt at defining what is important; and in part from all of us coming together to live the culture we want to have.

A brief background

Exabel was founded by Øyvind Grotmol and Per Christian Moan in 2016, on the belief that the financial system will best serve society with fair, open and efficient markets.

The first year was spent assembling the core team, planning and implementing infrastructure, securing the necessary third-party agreements, and generally setting the company up for a bright future.

The first product reached alpha stage at the beginning of 2018, ready for rapid iteration together with our pilot customers.

Mission & goals

Exabel is aiming to become the world leader in artificial intelligence for finance. This is a formidable challenge – which is why it is worthwhile. We are an ambitious team, and we are happy that you now are part of it.

Exabel's mission

The explosion in available data is creating a wide gap between the few top-tier finance institutions capable of developing in-house big data technologies, and everybody else. A basic premise for market efficiency and fairness is that investors have equal access to information. However, investors may have full access to information, yet not be equipped to make sense of it.

Our mission is to level the playing field in finance by making state-of-the-art AI technology accessible to investors worldwide.

Read more about this on our blog:

The Julekalender

The Julekalender (“The Advent Calendar”) is a set of common milestones for the company. The first milestone that was reached was employee #10. Other milestones include revenue goals, customer contracts, and product releases.

Each milestone met triggers a prize for the team. This could be a trip somewhere, some cool toy for the office, or simply a celebratory dinner.

If you haven’t already been introduced to it, ask someone!

Freedom & responsibilities

You are here because you are one of the best at what you do. Not only that, the team has agreed that you seem like a nice person that we would love to work alongside 🙌

We trust that you know best how your time is spent, and you have the freedom to structure your work in whichever way works for you. No one will micro-manage your work.

In return, we expect that you deliver your best, and that you let people around you know if there are any obstacles hindering you from doing so.

The office

We are based in a two-floor office smack in the middle of downtown Oslo.

The first floor is a large social space, with a lounge area, a kitchen/lunch area, and several meeting rooms. The second floor is an office landscape, where the entire team sit together.

Two of the main city subway stops – Stortinget and Nationaltheatret – are  a few minutes walk from the office. Nationaltheatret is a transport hub with intercity trains and airport express trains.

We have several nice cafés and restaurants in the neighbourhood. See our guide to Oslo to see what's up.

Our current home in downtown Oslo☝️

The lounge☝️


In addition to your pay, vacation days, pension and other basic employment terms, we provide some additional perks to help you grow and enjoy yourself.

Free lunch every day 🍲

You will be served a warm and healthy lunch, cooked at the office, every day.

Conferences 👩‍🏫

We are building tomorrow’s technology, and we encourage the team to visit and/or speak at conferences within their domain. We are happy for team members to travel to relevant conferences, and we will also reimburse you for your expenses.

Team getaways

Every now and then we step away from our IDEs, models, whiteboards and Trello boards, and take a break together.

New to Oslo?

Oslo is a great city to live in, but becoming familiar with a new city can be daunting. To help you get settled in, we have compiled a guide to everyday life in Oslo: casual restaurants, cozy cafés, nightlife spots, and some of the main streets that will be useful to know.

Exabel's guide to everyday life in Oslo →

Photo by Oliver Cole / Unsplash.


We are a small and easy-going team, so getting familiar should not take you long. Here’s a brief checklist of things you may want to do in your first days at Exabel.

That’s about it. Welcome to Exabel!

If you have any questions at all, just poke whoever you think can answer, or hit up #general on Slack.

Now that you’re on board, you may know others you think would fit at Exabel. These are our current openings, but we are also happy to consider open applications. Consider posting our Careers page on Twitter, LinkedIn or elsewhere.

No items found.

Some of your new colleagues pretending to be unaware of the camera ☝️

Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo, London, and New York.

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