The Exabel platform

Tailored platform for alternative data

Alternative data is valuable both for discretionary investment teams using data to inform or challenge in-depth fundamental analyses and for systematic investors undertaking quantitative trading strategies.

Sourcing, evaluating and using alternative data can be daunting; the exploding array of data available in the market, the complexity of transforming datasets into a usable format, and the technological challenges of ingesting data into traditional workflows and processes means that for many investment teams alternative data is not considered a practical option. 

The Exabel platform is specifically designed to remove the obstacles commonly encountered with alternative data. Exabel is a single platform through which an investor can manage the entire alternative data lifecycle.

Alternative data

With the Exabel platform you can bring the alternative datasets you are working with today, and the ones you are evaluating for the future, together with ground-truth market data to create your data mosaic. In addition, with licensed access you can instantly utilize Exabel’s growing library of pre-integrated datasets provided by leading alternative data vendor partners.

Fundamental data

Exabel comes pre-loaded with hiqh quality ‘ground-truth’ data from FactSet so you can automatically compare your alternative datasets to quarterly company fundamentals, daily updated consensus estimates and stock prices. Visible Alpha’s fundamental actuals and estimates data can also be automatically enabled for you in the platform.

Bring your own data

If you have your own sources of data, signals, factors and models, these can easily be uploaded into the Exabel platform, integrating them into your data mosaic for use across the Exabel platform modules along with all your alternative third party data.

Exabel Core

  • Gather alternative data, financial reference data and ground truth data into one collaborative platform.
  • Explore different data sources, visualise them as charts or analyse correlations and draw scatter plots.
  • Use Exabel’s powerful library of purpose-built data functions to transform and aggregate data, creating new valuable signals from one or many datasets.
  • Create views and dashboards to visualise and interpret data and analyses exactly the way you want them supporting an intuitive and efficient investment workflow.
  • Secure all your data and everything you do in the platform using industry standard access control and authorization principles.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues by sharing data, transformations, dashboards, analysis and models across your organisation.

Exabel Predict

  • Use our easy-to-specify model building wizards to build powerful and flexible prediction models to find valuable insights in alternative data.
  • The modelling workflow is tailor-made for investment use cases; the user interface assists you along the way without the need for engineers, data scientists or coding skills.
  • Prediction models can be built to predict any target outcome, e.g.  KPIs of interest, like quarterly revenue, operational expenditure, and market share. Exabel Predict supports an extensive set of machine learning algorithms, including both linear and non-linear models.
  • Classification models can be built to assess the probability of a future outcome falling into two or more discrete categories, e.g. what is the probability of a company reporting earnings that “Beat”, “Meet” or “Miss” consensus estimates.
  • Our optional automatic configuration support will suggest optimal modelling techniques according to the type of modelling problem you specify, mitigating the risk of over-fitting in sparse data problems.
  • Models are evaluated via robust backtesting, and a user is presented with a number of output results and explanatory evaluation metrics. The chosen model configuration can be deployed  and added to a dashboard for easy day-to-day prediction monitoring.

Exabel Strategy

  • A comprehensive module to support the end-to-end workflow of testing data signals for alpha, building screens, creating and optimizing portfolio strategies, and putting these strategies into action.
  • Strategy specification includes: defining long-short vs. long-only strategy styles; setting of risk constraints by style, geography, sector, and size; minimizing turnover and specifying rebalancing options
  • Exabel Strategy provides a fast and easy way to assess alpha performance of one or more alternative datasets across key metrics including sharpe / information ratios, turnover and drawdowns, factor attribution and fractile returns.

How does Exabel import data?

The Exabel platform is built to make it easy to work with data. In addition to pre-loaded data included on the platform and pre-integrated Exabel partner data, options exist to bring in additional sets of alternative data, ground truth data or in-house data. The fastest way to import a dataset is through the Excel importer, while the import API provides more flexibility and power. The API supports uploading and maintaining all aspects of the data: the time series, entities, and sub-relationships (such as brands and geographic operations).

Exabel’s extendable company data-structure means complex organisation structures and relationships can be modelled according to your specific data model design, and new datasets can be easily mapped to your model using a wide range of different identifiers.Exabel also provides a Python SDK to facilitate the implementation of data modelling and integration where required.

How does Exabel export data?

Click on the download button to export data from Exabel directly into an Excel file, or use the API to build data pipelines from the Exabel platform. Using the exporting capability, insights and output from Exabel can be used in downstream external workflows, processes and systems for further analysis, monitoring, visualisation, and trading.

You have already installed everything you need

Exabel is a state-of-the-art web application, which can be securely accessed from any computer with a web browser. You can be up and running in no time, without the need for any implementation resources.

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