One Platform to Unify Alternative Data Workflows and Research

An end-to-end platform for the organization, analysis, visualization and transformation of alternative data. The Exabel platform is built to enable fundamental investment teams to work with alternative data more effectively by providing the analytical tools for combining foundational, their own and our alternative data partners’ data assets.

KPI Analysis & Prediction

Discover signals that best track the relevant KPIs for your thesis, combining data to model and predict company performance your way.

Fundamental Analysis

Create a data mosaic that fits your strategy, combining data assets in the same charts and dashboards for deeper and broader coverage of fundamental metrics.

Combine Multiple Datasets

Find new sources of alpha by creatively combining multiple datasets, all in one place.

Build & Track Custom KPI Predictions

The only alternative data research platform that allows you to custom-map data signals to KPIs for personalized modeling.

Onboard Owned Data Assets

Import your own data securely into your private workspace, integrating it with foundational and vendor data.

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Optimize the Effectiveness of Alternative Data

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Exabel is a financial technology company based in Oslo, New York and London.

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