May 14, 2024

App Traffic Dataset, including Store & Usage Intel, from Sensor Tower Available Now

Sensor Tower, a leading provider of app traffic and app engagement data, is the latest alternative data vendor to partner with Exabel. Both their Store Intel and Usage Intel datasets are available on the Exabel platform.

Sensor Tower provides users with data on the performance of mobile apps (downloads, active users, etc) and digital ads (ad spend, ad impressions, etc) across thousands of companies globally. Investors can now utilize Sensor Tower’s datasets in the Exabel platform to gain insight into company performance by analyzing their App Traffic data.

The Sensor Tower Store and Usage Intel datasets are delivered daily to the Exabel Platform, with historical data dating back to 2012 and 2015 respectively. It is integrated into the Exabel platform alongside fundamental data, enabling investment teams to seamlessly map Sensor Tower’s App Traffic trends to fundamental company KPIs. Our integration with Sensor Tower enables investors to analyze app traffic trends alongside web & foot traffic, card spend, and discounting (and more), to create high-quality KPI predictions models and monitor fundamental performance trends.

Andreas Aglen, CEO at Exabel spoke on partnering with Sensor Tower: “We are delighted to announce Sensor Tower’s integration into the Exabel platform, marking them as our newest data partner. The addition of their App Traffic dataset significantly enriches our collection of alternative datasets available for investors. Sensor Tower is a must-have for your data mosaic.”

Andrew Sprague, Head of Investor Vertical at Sensor Tower, added further: “Sensor Tower is excited to partner with Exabel, a move that makes our mobile app data more readily accessible to the investor community. With Exabel’s easy-to-use platform, investors can now pair Sensor Tower data with their other alternative datasets via one pane of glass. We’re confident the partnership– especially after our recent acquisition of–  will lead to great conversations with funds to which we weren’t previously exposed.”

About Exabel

Exabel is an end-to-end platform for the organization, analysis, visualization and transformation of alternative data. The platform is built to enable fundamental investment teams to work with alternative data more effectively by providing the analytical tools for combining foundational, their own and our alternative data partners’ data assets for KPI prediction and fundamental analysis.

About Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is the leading, trusted source of enterprise-grade market intelligence and performance metrics for the mobile app and digital advertising ecosystem. Founded in 2013, the company’s mobile app and digital ad data enables roughly 400 of the world’s largest investors with the most accurate signals on the digital economy.

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For further information on Sensor Tower visit their website here:

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