May 29, 2024

Datos’ Web Traffic & Clickstream Dataset now on Exabel

Exabel has partnered with Datos to bring their clickstream dataset to our alternative data platform. The Datos Behavioral Index dataset enables investors to utilize web traffic data consolidated from tens of millions of panelists directly in the Exabel platform.

Datos provides institutional investors insights into consumer behavior via a comprehensive, normalized panel collected across global desktop and mobile devices allowing investors to better measure and analyze company performance.

Delivered daily to the Exabel platform, the Datos Behavioral Index has historical data back until 2020 for backtesting. It is integrated into the Exabel platform alongside fundamental data, enabling investment teams to seamlessly map Datos’ Web Traffic trends to fundamental company KPIs. Investors can better analyze web traffic trends alongside app & foot traffic, card spend, and discounting (and more), to create high-quality KPI predictions models and monitor fundamental performance trends.

Andreas Aglen, CEO at Exabel spoke on partnering with Datos: “Our latest partnership with Datos continues to expand our alternative data integrations available for investment teams on the Exabel platform. Datos’ powerful and comprehensive web traffic datasets are a must have addition for investors in their data mosaics for unique insights into consumer behaviors via clickstream data.”

“This partnership aligns with our strategic goal of democratizing access to sophisticated data analytics for investors and financial institutions. It builds upon our recent initiatives designed to expand our market reach and further enhance the usability of our data products,“ said Eli Goodman, CEO and Co-founder of Datos. “This collaboration builds upon our aim to provide our clients with not just data, but clear, actionable insights.”

About Exabel

Exabel is an end-to-end platform for the organization, analysis, visualization and transformation of alternative data. The platform is built to enable fundamental investment teams to work with alternative data more effectively by providing the analytical tools for combining foundational, their own and our alternative data partners’ data assets for KPI prediction and fundamental analysis.

About Datos

Datos is a global clickstream data provider focused on licensing anonymized, at-scale, privacy-secured datasets to ensure its clients and partners are safe in an otherwise perilous marketplace. Datos offers access to the desktop and mobile browsing behavior for tens of millions of users across the globe, packaged into clean, easy-to-understand data products. Datos’ mission is to provide clickstream data built on trust, and driven by tangible results. Major firms around the globe trust Datos to provide the data they need to stop operating blindly in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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