Careers Team Mission


Come work with us. We are growing fast, and are looking for motivated people for several roles. Open applications are also welcome.


Front-end web developer

Our AI-powered digital assistant for investors and fund managers needs a highly refined user interface on the web. You’ll be working with cutting edge web technologies. The amount of diverse information that goes into this product makes this a challenging front-end job.

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Senior iOS developer

Create an awesome user experience for professionals interacting with an AI-powered digital assistant. You’ll be leading the iOS development of our first product, and will work closely with backend developers and designers to deliver a high quality product.

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Research scientist

Build mathematical models that unravel the causal relationships in massive amounts of time series and event data generated by one complex system which constantly changes.

Full-stack web developer

We are looking for an experienced full-stack web developer to join our team in Oslo. You will be working closely with product developers, data scientists, engineers and designers to deliver a high-end product for the finance industry.

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Lead data scientist

Build machine learning models that extract critical pieces of structured information from natural language sources. Relate real-world events to effects in the financial markets.

Senior software engineer

Build efficient, scalable software for running complex machine learning algorithms on terabytes of data in real-time on the Google Cloud.